What will you lose on death

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    Runescape Deadman Winter Finals 2017 go live through trials and tribulations. This time, you will meet more challenges, OSRS gold as well as gain more. If you qualify, buy deadman seasonal gold cheap fast to get grinding!Highlights1. High level

    guards patrol major towns across the map.2. The standard skull timer for attacking a player is 15 minutes. If you're already skulled and then attack another player, the timer will be extended by 2 minutes.3. A 5-minute skull penalty for

    all players attacking a skulled player, and a 1 minute grace period still exist in Runescape Deadman Mode.No cap on XP gain in deadman winter finals 2017In Runescape Deadman Winter Finals 2017, there is no cap on XP gain. You should know

    that:1. Training combat skills in an unguarded/guarded area, the XP rate is 15x/10x respectively;2. Training non-combat skills in an unguarded/guarded area, the XP rate is 10x.3. There is a 50x rebuild rate on XP in stats previously lost

    on death.What will you lose on death?1. XP. Unskulled players protect all XP lost on death while skulled players will lose XP dependent on the combat level of the player killing you.2. Items. If you die, you will lose the 10 most

    valuable stacks of items. For items lost on death, you will only lose 80% of an item's stack.What will you protect or get in Deadman Winter Finals 2017?1. Get a key access to chests. It allows you to take the 10 most valuable stacks of

    items from the bank of the player you killed.2. Insure HP level by talking to Gelin, found in Lumbridge graveyard.3. Protect 2 combat skills and 3 non-combat skills.4. Protect up to 10 of items by talking to Financial Wizards.Do you

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