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Fiber termination box to represent 1 and 0

  • The history of fiber distribution box deserves a book by itself aback it took several ancestors to get the industry today.

    Optical fiber is a continued attenuate annular fiber fabricated from bottle or plastic, as tiny as one tenth of a animal hair. A accepted telecom optical fiber is composed of three annular layers, counted axial out: fiber aggregate (diameter 8~10um), cladding (diameter 125um) and absorber blanket (diameter 900um).

    Fiber aggregate and cladding is fabricated from bottle or silica. Fiber Aggregate and cladding layers plan calm to confine the ablaze axial the aggregate afterwards leaking. Fiber absorber blanket is fabricated from acrylic or artificial and provides administration adaptability and concrete aegis for the fiber.

    Optical fibers advance an optical abnormality alleged complete centralized reflection. If ablaze is injected into the fiber from end face, it is bedfast axial the aggregate afterwards aperture alfresco and accident its energy.

    Then ablaze is digitally fiber termination box to represent 1 and 0 just like a computer, so advice can be agitated from one website to addition website which may be from San Francisco all the way to New York.

      11 de enero de 2018 08:27:37 CET