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It was the day that Man CSGO Skins

  • It was the day that Man City scored two goals in injury time to win the league. We were CSGO Skins relying on them to beat QPR and if we had won at Stoke, we would have stayed up. I just think that in the latter stages of the game, when we were getting reports back that QPR were winning 2-1 going into injury time.

    I look back and I don't know if we tried hard enough to get a winning goal in the last five minutes. I'm not sure that we envisaged Man City coming back in the last five minutes and winning the league like they did, so we didn't have the mad finish we should have had.

    If we had managed to get another goal, we wouldn't have got relegated.It was a shame because you see the knock-on effect for Bolton now. That probably started by losing out on Premier League money. After that, different things happen over the years. It's a club which I really enjoyed being at.

    It's the longest I've been at any club, four years, and it was a CSGO Skins for sale club that I didn't really want to leave when I did. I'd like to see Bolton back in the Premier League if possible one day.Hardest opponent?Gareth Bale. I've played in every position against him. Gareth is one of those players who can beat you with skill, he can beat you with pace, he can score from 30 yards and then he can also score headers from corners. So he really does have everything. You can't stand off him because then he'll just pick up speed and run at you. If you get too tight, especially when he had Luka
      10 de abril de 2018 09:57:38 CEST