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Path Of Exile: Incursion Is Being Called A Cross

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    Path of Exile: Incursion is being called a cross between an expansion and a new Challenge League, offering some new challenges, along with some story content that will further flesh out the mysterious island of Wraeclast. The Incursion Challenge League will introduce a relic hunter named Alva Valai, who seeks out the lost temple of Atzoatl. Within the temple walls lie the secrets of the Vaal civilization and also great fortune, but there's a little problem. The temple is hidden from human eyes. But on top of that, it's completely dilapidated, with many of its rooms inaccessible. At least they are in present day.

    The Path of Exile journey has brought players across many exciting landscapes over the poe currency trade of years. It's taken players beyond its island of dangers, treasures, and loot and has taken them across crazy dungeons and even beyond the outer reaches of other dimensions. But for the latest content update, Grinding Gear Games is looking to go across the very reaches of time.

    The idea of Incursion is for Alva to send players back in time via Temporal Incursions. This gives players a chance to walk through the walls of the temple as it's being built. The trouble is that it's full of demons, monsters, and other hard-hitting enemies.

    But there's more to the temple than that. Alva's power can only send players to the temple for a mere ten seconds. Players can extend their stay in the past for a few more seconds for each enemy they manage to defeat. This makes the run through the past temple an exciting race against the clock. One thing that should be noted here is that players don't have to waste their time collecting loot, as any drops will appear after the player returns to the present day.

    Following roughly 11 Temporal Incursions, Alva will find the present day location of the temple, allowing players to explore its present day layout. But that won't be the last opportunity to visit the temple in the past. After finding the temple in the present day, players can get the opportunity to re-visit the past temple to help shape it in different ways. Upgrading the temple means connecting various rooms and poe trade currency connecting to a boss room, containing a powerful foe, who guards powerful treasures.
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